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We're Installing Solar Panels!

Charter Hall nationally have entered into a Solar Power Purchasing Agreement providing a solar energy system across 15 shopping centres including Tamworth Square. 

The PPA partnership for Charter Hall retail shopping centres have entered into with Clean Peak Energy and Macquarie Group in conjunction with Solgen Energy Group, will help realise Charter Halls’ short-term sustainability targets and contribute towards our longer-term aspirations of net zero emissions.

The project will see Charter Hall generate 12.9MW of solar PV generation, nearly 15.5GWh of electricity per annum. This is enough energy to power 1,030 homes across the 15 local Charter Hall shopping centre communities, including 28 local homes in Tamworth.

Works have commenced at Tamworth Square, with a 7 week installation period, looking to be completed by July 2019.   

Mitchell Phelps, Centre Manager of Tamworth Square states, “We will work with our partners to produce solar energy from our centre rooftop at a fixed rate. This long-term project will enable ongoing competitive market rates in a volatile electricity market to remain price competitive for the local community and our tenant customers.”

Charter Hall’s Sustainability Strategy, for the future, is designed to reflect how our business integrates our sustainability and community goals into our everyday business practices.